All painting is done in-house by our talented staff of artists. Great care is taken to ensure a quality finish that will impress the most discerning of buyers.

Painted Finishes

Antique Bronze

Sculpture by Scott Stearman

 We have perfected our standard metallic bronze painted finish but we can also go beyond our standard technique to create unique bronze finishes that are perfect for your specific piece. 

Solid Metallics


Single-color metallic colors such as gold, bright bronze, copper, and silver. Color accents, such as red roses, can be added. 



Used to accentuate sculptural detail without overwhelming the sculpture with color, this soft wash of ivory or grey is simple and beautiful 

Solid Colors


Solid black, brown, or other colors available in matte, satin, or gloss. 

Custom Painting


We will develop a color scheme to meet your needs, up to 3 colors.